6 important features of rack cabinets

6 important features of rack cabinets



– Rack Cabinet is a type of cabinet specially designed to house computers, network equipment, servers and patch panels. Rack cabinets are widely used in the field of computer related technology and in most organizations. The main purpose of using rack cabinets is to preserve, store and manage the hardware of the information system.
The following article is sharing some important uses of rack cabinets:

1. Good management of network devices

A rack is an extremely useful device for managing and organizing network infrastructure, making it easier to manage. The use of rack cabinets allows equipment to operate smoothly and efficiently. The important purpose of using a rack is to protect your valuable equipment, making it easier and more convenient to protect, store and manage all your hardware devices.

2. Fix server overheating – Increase performance

Rack cabinets are a solution to overcome the situation of hot servers due to continuous operation. If the server temperature is too high, it will directly affect the server’s performance. An overheating server can lead to total failure. Loss of important data. Causes damage to the motherboard, memory, and power supply, or may not manifest immediately. But it will lead to losses, damage in the long run.
Since proper airflow is key for a server to function properly, it is important to keep the temperature of the server container cool to prevent possible damage. Rack cabinets are a good solution to prevent servers from operating at excessive temperatures by allowing air to flow inside the server.
The rack’s cooling effect is achieved through cooling fans and ventilation grilles that allow airflow inside the cabinet to help reduce the air temperature around the devices.

3. Increased security

You already have the ability to implement security measures so that others cannot access the network. But do you have protections in place so that others cannot access the network directly from the server? There’s one network defense in place that doesn’t require locking up your server, which is to lock the large door of the server rack and open the small windows. The server rack is equipped with a pretty solid security lock. This is considered a great solution to help prevent unauthorized intrusion extremely effectively.
You can choose to lock down the entire system or a critical part of the server. This will ensure much more control and protection of the device.

4. Space saving – easier maintenance

With a single support frame can accommodate multiple stacked trays. These trays are where hardware devices are stored. Rack cabinets used in data centers, server rooms, computer rooms need to ensure safety and minimize floor space.
Servers placed on trays, shelves, will be easier to maintain. Many server racks are equipped with wheels, or trays that slide out, which is an advantage that makes it easier to move the server, allowing technicians to put it in and out more easily.

5. Replacement for server room

Rack helps to manage all hardware devices. So there is no need to have a separate server room to manage network devices. It can accommodate all kinds of network devices such as computer hardware, servers, server accessories, cables, computer accessories and other accessories. Therefore, it will preserve the servers as a server room. This is a great solution for those who are looking to minimize floor space.
Choosing the right server cabinet will help protect, cool, and manage IT equipment, making business more efficient by reducing server downtime. Therefore, it helps businesses operate efficiently.

6. Simplify the network system

Placing computer hardware and accessories close together in a single container makes the entire networking process simpler.
Rack cabinets are a solution to limit the complicated wiring between the server and related hardware. Using the right racks and accessories will make the installation and wiring of servers and other equipment easier.

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