Consulting and design of electrical solutions, light electricity

1. Consulting

  • Consulting for customers on appropriate solutions, Co – working with customers to develop the optimal solutions, selecting appropriate technologies and equipment to ensure systematic, developed and advanced. Ensuring customers the optimal products with reasonable prices customers the optimal products at reasonable prices.
  • BNS has been working with the leading infomation technology companies over the world to select the most advanced solutions and technologies, contribute to shortening the gap in technology and equipment in the fields of training, seminars, security and supervision, scientific research, experiments,… between Vietnam and the world.
  • In addition, BNS company also has a strong team of product research and development staff to provide customers with specific products. Supply of equipment, operating installation. Training and hand over to customer after sales.

2. Providing solutions:

  • The design of the network and voice system in the building is based on the recommendations of international organizations ISO 11801 for commercial buildings.
  • Design of sound systems, cameras, television, public annoucemennt systems, lightning protection … Design a centralized management system for server room, DataCenter room, power room and NOC, Entrace Room.
  • Building security models such as CCTV systems, library asset protection systems, barcode management programs…
  • Design and implement local networks (LAN) with the most advanced network technologies using network operating systems such as Window NT, Novell Netware, SCO Unix …
  • Design of electrical system, ELV and telecommunications in the building (SINO, Valock, Tran Phu, Cadivi, Cadisun, Golcup, LG, Legrand, Panasonic, Schneider, …)
  • Design Data center (smoke alarm, FM200  fire extinguishing, early fire alarm – vesda, raised floor system, transmission cable system in the database, air conditioning system, electrical system for UPS, electrical system for Rack Server cabinet, Network, Telco, Access Control system, fire-resistant iron door, fireproof drywall, IP CCTV, cable trough rack system,
  • Design the Building Management System , functional building system (high-end apartments, offices for rent, supermarkets, …)
  • Design of ELV for computer system, civil electrical system for multipurpose building, road power system, …
  • Design of lifting floor system, precision air conditioning system, industrial air conditioner, UPS system, backup generator system.
  • Service quality warranty: BNS company always put quality first, Installated the right type of suppliers, deploys according to the recommended standards.
  • When there is any problem with the equipment provided, our technical staff will be on site to find out and fix the problem. Following of the working service : 8 hours /day and 5 days /week ( 8×5) and guaranteed feedback to support information within 2 hours when receiving a request.

3. Integrated and Installation capabilities:

  • BNS company has the ability to install and deploy, integrate network system, telephone and electricity systems for works, office blocks, buildings, all multipurpose buildings, data centers, ELV, road power, telecommunication systems ?. Hospitals, factories, harbors, schools, industrial parks, …
  • BNS has certificates of integration and installation, test, design by Cabling and telecommunication COMMSCOPE (AMP Netconncect & ADC KRONE, Systimax), PANDUIT, Nexans, Fluke Networks; Daikin Air Conditioner, LG, Panasonic, Mitsubisi.